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Top 5 tourist attractions in Den Haag, Netherlands

Den Haag is a city located in the western coast of the Netherlands, and the capital city of the province of South Holland. Today I will present you top 5 tourist attractions from Den Haag.

    1. Binnenhof & Ridderzaal (Inner Court & Hall of the Knights) is a magical place with medieval design from Den Haag, situated on Hofweg 1 Street. These building are now used by the Prime Minister and the Dutch Parliament. Like any other government places, they are also open to public visits. You will have a guided tour, a guide book and English audio. This place is great for its history, you can take pictures of the old buildings and if you don't want to book a tour, don't worry, you can have a peaceful walk and see surroundings.
    2. The Japanese Garden is another magical place, but this time, nature is the main star. It is located in the Clingendael Estate and, unfortunately it is open only twice a year, in spring and in autumn, so you need to keep an eye on the local news in order to visit this wonderful place. The Japanese Garden is one of the most popular and visited places in the Nederlands. It's also even more fantastic specially if you visit this place along with a GFE escort. The entrance is free and for a quieter experience, I recommend you to avoid weekends. If you are a nature lover and want to relax, this place is the best for you.
    3. De Pier Scheveningen - for those of you who are deeply in love with the sea and with the sea sounds, a great place to visit is De Pier Scheveningen, a little beach resort from Scheveningen, only 8 km away from Den Haag. You can get there either by your personal car, either by public transport. It is a lovely, quiet place, perfect for having a great summer holiday or a relaxed afternoon. If you are courageous enough, the most exciting thing you can do there is bungee jumping, but if you are a calmer man, you can enjoy yourself at the pancake restaurant right next to the beach. The North Sea offers nice landscapes and the sand there is golden and really comfortable to walk on.
    4. Madurodam is definitely one of the most wanted places to visit in Den Haag. It is a big park located on George Maduroplein 1 Street and the things you will see here will let you speechless. It is commonly known as miniature Holland and you will find the whole of it in one place, miniature buildings, cars, boats, gardens and much more. It is the best place to visit, especially for families with kids, couples or for people who are passionate about miniature things.
    5. Mauritshuis Museum is an art museum situated on Plein 29, very close to Mauritshuis and Binnenhof. It is a great place to visit for art lovers but also for those of you who want to see how Dutch history evolved. You will find here famous paintings, anatomy exhibitions and some permanent collections. It is a beautiful building, having two floors to visit. It is worth a visit for a rainy day.
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