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Special Interview with an Escort

Interview with Sofie, a young beautiful lady who decided to become an escort.

We are more and more preoccupied by our escorts’ life and I am sure that you are curious too to find about more spicy details about their private life. Are they different than when they are at work? How can they handle the emotional and social pressure? Today we will find out more about these things from Sofie – a young beautiful escort who decided to become an escort.

Q: Hello. How are you today?

A: Hi. I am actually pretty well, I just got back from my 2 weeks holiday from a tropical island and now I am ready to go back to work. Please make this interview quick.

Q: I will surely do, I don’t want to waste too much of your precious time. First of all, how did you decide to join this world?

A: I decided to become an escort exactly 2 or 3 years ago. I needed to pay my college and I didn’t have enough money. I couldn’t ask my parents for such a crazy amount of money because I know they are living a modest life and they couldn’t afford it. So one day, while I was scrolling on the Internet, a brilliant idea came into my mind. Why don’t I become an escort? The first months were pretty harsh because I didn’t have too many clients and I felt like I was working for free, just wasting my time. I forgot to mention that I start as a solo worker. Someday, while I was getting ready for another day, I thought of making a research of the best escort agencies from Den Haag, where I was living. I came to the conclusion that the best escort agency in The Hague was the one I started working with. I submitted a quiz, a couple of photos of me, and they accepted me! I was super happy!

Q: How much money do you make now compared to your past life? And how do you spend them? What are your favorite things to buy?

A: I can definitely tell you that I make a lot more money that I used to make before. Now I can finally afford to travel all around the globe and to buy things that I never dreamed of buying. I spend a lot of money on trips to the most exotic places and to the most beautiful countries in the world. I like to spend my money on jewelries, perfumes, clothes and kinky stuff. I also love to read a lot and a great amount of my money goes on books.

Q: What is your favorite kind of books? What is your favorite book?

A: Hmmm, I think I like reading sci-fi books like X-men or Marvel. Among my favorite titles you can find Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, The Da Vinci Code and Lolita. I also love to read specialty books, most of them are linked to my work. Some subjects are: erotic massage techniques, BDSM practice and personal improvement books.

Q: Thank you for letting me take this blitz-quiz. I am more than happy that I could finally meet you and talk to you.

A: No problem, the pleasure is all mine.

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