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Office Fantasy Escort Story

One of my special stories to share includes a quiet Friday night and a successful businessmen. It was one of those evenings when the city seems peaceful and the people seem happy.I received a call that announces me that I am requested later that night at the office of one of the most respected companies in the whole world.

My loyal VIP client wants me for tonight so I'd better get ready soon. I went to take a fast shower and then I went to dress myself. I know how much he loves seeing me in sexy, red lingerie with stockings and high-heels, with a short skirt and a top that shows a lot of my cleavage.

I am wanted only from 23:30 so I have plenty of time to get myself ready. I use his favorite perfume which is kept only for special encounters with him, Yves Saint Laurent, a sexy fragrance that mixes black coffee and vanilla with a powerful floral scent. I put in my bag his favorite kinky toys because I know how much he loves to use them on me or to use them together. I actually enjoy every session with him, he is imposing and he knows what he wants from me and from his life.

The time has arrived and I am more than ready to spend some quality time with him as a reward for me for working so hard these days. I finally get into the building and the guard asked me what am I doing there so late. I told him I need to see his boss because I am his wife and then he let me pass.

Look at him, he is there, at his office, working so hard, it really excites me seeing him like that. I decided to make him a surprise, I took off my jacket and entered his office. He stopped from his work and he starts studying me from head to toe. I even did a pirouette for him to see my amazingly shaped body better. He stood up, cleaned up his office with one hand (and by cleaning up I mean he threw all his objects on the floor) and asked me to stay on it. He started touching my curves, my butt, my breasts and my whole body. I open up my legs and he started kissing my thighs, going up to my intimate parts. He stayed there for a couple of minutes when he decided it was the perfect time for our special sexual adventure.

I love the way he takes care of me and of my pleasure, he is not like my other clients, when all they want is sexual intercourse. He enjoys every moment, every kiss, every bite and every part of my body. I can feel how my whole body is trembling in his hands. He knows how much I love his glass office and how much I enjoy the view of the noisy city its office windows can offer and we head straight there. Every encounter with him is even more amazing than the one before. I love it!

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